Talent Sustainability Tip #2: Empower


Today’s tip is about empowering our people. The phrase “employee empowerment” has been in the workplace lexicon long enough now to have meanings as varied as the different occupations to which it applies. To me, to empower our employees means to ensure the optimal positive work environment and experience by providing employees the resources needed to be successful in their jobs. 

This means making sure they have:

  • Knowledge, Skills, and Tools. It baffles me when employers hire new staff without providing the essential training they need to do well in their jobs.  Due to the recent business trend of downsizing, many employees have taken new roles that require new skills. Investing in employee training and development not only empowers our employees to be more effective in their jobs, it inspires them to go the extra mile. This is because our efforts in their growth and development make them feel appreciated and valued and, as a result, they feel committed to our company.
  • Emotional Support. Especially after seeing their co-workers’ jobs eliminated, employees need to know that they can count on their bosses for encouragement and moral support. Meet with your employees on a regular basis, even if only for a short period of time. Listen to them; reassure them; praise them.
  • Appropriate Working Environment.  If you can’t work where your employees work, don’t expect them to do well. Attend to their physical needs. Successful employees need essential things such as a complete and comfortable work station, adequate lighting, and a livable temperature. Make sure food and beverages are accessible as needed. Uncomfortable, thirsty and hungry people couldn’t possibly do well at work. Could you?

These are some examples of what we can do to meet our employees’ human needs—physical, mental, and emotional. Remember, this is the key to effective Talent Management and creating Talent Sustainability in your organization—Because we are simply human beings.™ 

Empower Them! They and Your Business Will Become One…


You invest in the growth of your business to maintain its health. You provide your business everything it needs to keep growing and succeeding. Do you invest in growing your employees as well?  Think about it, if your employees play a critical role in the growth of your business, would it make sense that they grew together with your business?

Think Empowerment!

When you invest in developing and growing your employees, you empower them, you provide them the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to grow and succeed along with your company. Your talent sustainability is just as important as your business sustainability.

We achieve Talent Sustainability when we attend to our employees’ basic human needs—mental, physical, and emotional. Empowerment nurtures all aspects of the employee as a human being. It enriches the experiences our employees have within our organization. This boosts confidence, self-esteem, satisfaction, and appreciation in our employees. These great feelings influence what employees think about our company, which has a direct impact in their performance, and ultimately, the business’ bottom line.  We all want to see ourselves progress, it is human nature. Growth means progress, and progress means job satisfaction and drive.

Alignment Makes Two Become One.                           

Talent Sustainability is achieved when employees’ goals and objectives are aligned with those of the organization. When this happens, an interconnection between your employees and your business is created—they become one.

When your employees’ see the company’s efforts to help them grow, and that their efforts towards their personal growth directly impact the growth of your business, and vice versa, they feel empowered to succeed—they feel part of your business and feel accountable for its success. Your employees are motivated to go to work every day and give their best performance because they are working together with the company to achieve a common goal. The success of the company directly benefits the employee, and the success of the employee directly impacts the success of the business.

Now you see the importance of hiring employees who have goals and values that are aligned with those of our organization. We’ll cover this strategy in the next article.

Photo credit: shapecharge