Talent Referral Program


We are often approached by companies seeking much-needed talent  for job opportunities that are currently open or soon to be open, as well as by talented people in our network who are ready for a new job. So, in keeping with our goal of providing effective solutions to talented professionals and the companies seeking them, we are proud to introduce our Talent Referral Program.

The purpose of this program is twofold:

1. To help our client companies to promote job opportunities and help them find the talent needed.

2. To offer an opportunity for those who are interested in a new job to be added to our list of recommended talent.


If you are a company and would like your job opening to be added to our list of Recommended Job Opportunities, please go to Contact Us to send us your contact information, and we will get back to you with more information shortly.


If you are a job seeker and would like to be considered for job opportunities that our clients may have, please go to Submit Resume  to send us your information, and we will get back to you shortly with more information.