Talent Sustainability Tip # 3: Engage

Employee EngagementA lot of people see employee engagement as something complicated and difficult to accomplish. I see it as something very simple. All we have to do is listen, and by that I mean listen very closely, to our people.  Learn what is important to them, what gets them up each morning, what they value, what drives them.

Now, to bring all this close listening real value, we have to do something with the information! Acknowledge and meet employees’ needs and fuel their drives. In return, we get engagement. When our employees are engaged, they feel appreciated, valued, and free to approach us and to be approached themselves when work issues occur.

One question I am often asked is what to do when you can’t afford to provide all the things employees feel they need.  Well, you do what you can afford to do and you make sure your employees understand your limitations.

Your efforts to accommodate their needs and just the fact that you have taken time to listen makes a tremendous difference in how they feel about you, and that’s exactly what your goal should be. When employees have good feelings about you and your company, they are more willing to stay with you and even go the extra mile.

These are some examples of what we can do to meet our employees’ human needs—physical, mental, and emotional. Remember, this is the key to effective Talent Management and creating Talent Sustainability in your organization—Because we are simply human beings.™ 

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