• Talent Sustainability Model

Survey results point out career advancement, promotional opportunity, management, and general work environment are the top reasons people leave their organizations, other than benefits and pay. What these survey results are telling us is that people’s decision to join a company and stay with it are not just based on the experiences they have with the organization, but also what they think about the company and most importantly, how the company makes them feel.

Our motto used to be, "I believe engaging employees is the most effective strategy to retain them. This is done by appealing to their interests, satisfying their needs, appreciating their values, and fueling their drives."™  However, our perspective has changed. Employee engagement is a critical factor in employees' decision to stay, yet "retention" is not a realistic goal. We can’t really “retain” people because everyone is free to leave their jobs any time they want to! We can, however, increase employee commitment and job satisfaction through a holistic approach, which considers other equally important aspects of employee sustainment, such as mental and emotional empowerment.

An in-depth psychological analysis is not required to know how to attract and sustain talent. All we need to know is that “Talent” is comprised of people and that people are human beings who want to be treated as what they really are. This perspective is the foundation of the Talent Sustainability model introduced here.

Holistic Talent Sustainability Model™

The Holistic Talent Sustainability Model™ designed by Maria Isabel Meinholz, MSM, ensures sustainability in talent pools by attracting, empowering, engaging, and sustaining employees, as well as new job candidates.  

What makes this model unique and powerfully effective is that it follows a holistic approach, which attends to all three aspects of employees' human beings (mental, physical, and emotional). Let's explain, when we  follow this approachwe are continually providing what employees expect to find in their ideal place of work. That is because as human beings, we seek to satisfy our basic human needs.

The Holistic Talent Sustainability Model™ follows four holistic talent management strategies critical to achieving Talent Sustainability:

  • Holistic Employee Attraction—Pays attention to employees' Mental aspect by appealing to their interest and values.
  • Holistic Employee Empowerment—Attends to employees' Physical aspect by providing them the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed.
  • Holistic Employee Engagement—Regards employees' Emotional aspect by appreciating their values and fueling their drives.
  • Holistic Employee Sustainment—Focuses on employees' Whole, ensuring the continual attention to all three human aspects; promoting individual well-being, personal growth, and job satisfaction.

This unique approach helps you create a strong and lasting connection with current and prospective employees, increasing their interest in being part of your team, gaining their commitment to your organization, and ensuring their complete job satisfaction.

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