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Maria Isabel Meinholz, MSM

Maria Isabel Meinholz, MSM is a global business transformation strategist. As one of her specialties, Maria Isabel designs strategies to help companies improve their positioning in the employment market by becoming employers of choice and gaining a competitive advantage.

Maria Isabel has held talent management and employer branding positions at Innovativa, Joy Global, and Adroitta. She holds a masters degree in Management with a concentration in Leadership and Human Resources and is currently writing a book titled Talent Sustainability: A Holistic Perspective that Will Change the Way You Approach Talent.

With her strategic thinking, marketing communications, and leadership development expertise, Maria Isabel helps organizations formulate and implement strategies that attract, empower, engage, and sustain talent. She is known by her passion for making a difference and her ability to understand, inspire, engage and connect with people.


  • Establish and maintain strong relationships based on transparency, accountability, commitment, integrity, and trust.
  • Always deliver excellence.
  • Passion is transmitted through everything I do.
  • Be a servant to others and embrace the connection that exists among us.