Do You Care To Learn Why Your Employees Are Leaving?


As an employer, the findings of a recent study by the folks at Gallup should make you sit up and take notice, because what they discovered is that “People don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.”

If that’s at all unclear, hear it again: Bad bosses are the #1 reason employees leave employers. 

Of course, poor rapport with a superior may be only a contributing factor to employees moving elsewhere. Employees make decisions about loyalty based on verifiable values, or lack thereof, including:

  • Meaningful, challenging work
  • Good relationships with co-workers
  • Opportunity to use skills and abilities
  • Autonomy and independence
  • Overall corporate culture
  • Recognition of employee performance

The first and best safeguard against losing employees is communicating with them directly about their workplace satisfactions and frustrations. After all, you can’t keep them from leaving if you don’t have an idea about how they view their on-the-job experience. Once you get into the habit of keeping close to your employees, you’ll be much more able to create and sustain a working environment that will retain them.

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