Talent Sustainability Tip #1: Attract


Businesses of all kinds are showing an increased interest in information related to talent attraction these days, so I decided to share some of my knowledge in this area to help you attract the talent you need. Here is my first tip:

Make sure your website covers all questions and concerns that job seekers may have that are not addressed in the job description.  

For this, you need to have a Careers section on your website. If your site does not currently include one, you are missing out on a critical venue for attracting new employees! Having a dedicated Careers section sends the message that new employees are welcomed and valued.

When we finish reading a job description that sounds like a great match, the first thing we do is go to the company’s website to learn more.  I recommend that the following essentials are covered by the Careers section of your site:

  • Growth & Development:  Job seekers want to know that they will have opportunities for growth and development. Describing these opportunities tells potential employees that you believe in investing in people because they are an important part of your business. Job seekers see the opportunity for professional development as well as the opportunity to progress within your organization.
  • Culture:  Show job seekers what it would be like to work for your company by providing a brief but accurate description of your current culture. We always wonder whether we’ll feel comfortable in a new environment. We all want to know we’ll fit in.
  • Employee Testimonials:  Nothing sells your company better than what your current employees have to say about their workplace. Share happy stories from your employees.

These are some examples of what we can do to meet our employees’ human needs—physical, mental, and emotional. Remember, this is the key to effective Talent Management and creating Talent Sustainability in your organization—Because we are simply human beings.™ 

Overworked and Ready to Leave


When employees are overworked, they are disengaged. And when disengaged workers stay in their jobs despite of how they feel, they are with you physically but are long gone emotionally.

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