Talent Attraction 101: Change Your Attitude!


You want highly-skilled, highly-experienced, high-performer, high… Oh, wait, you also want diversity? But you just can’t find anyone that meets all of your “highly-required” qualifications. That is because your business is not attracting the right people.

Let’s face it, things have changed! People know the kind of trouble you’re in, and it’s going to get worse! Everyone knows about talent shortage and how valuable their own skills are.  You want to find the talent your company needs?  It’s time to learn Lesson # 1 in talent attraction: You need to change the way you approach people—You need to change your attitude!

Here is what you need to know:

People  are not just looking for the company that will pay the highest price for  highly-in-demand skills. Besides having a feeling of belonging, we all seek to be part of a company whose purpose, values, goals and objectives are in alignment with our own . We also want to work for an organization that makes us feel valued, trusted, and respected. That is because as people, we seek to satisfy our basic human needs—physical, mental, and emotional.

In other words, we want to offer a working environment that is physically, mentally, and emotionally appealing and inviting for your employees. By Physically, I mean that your premises are adequate for the type of work performed in each function of your business and you offer the knowledge, tools and skills employees need to succeed in their roles. By Mentally, I mean that your employees’ goals and objectives are aligned with those of your business. And by Emotionally, I mean that our employees are emotionally connected to not only their co-workers, but also to their jobs and their organization—in other words, your employees love going to work every day because they believe in your purpose, they find joy, harmony and a sense of belonging in their place of work, and all people they work with feel the same way.

If you are a Recruiter, you are probably thinking, “Well, there is really not much I can do about all of this.” Right?

Wrong, as a recruiter you help create the first impression of the company. What  you want to do to attract new candidates is to communicate your organization’s purpose, and how they can be part of something big and meaningful; you want to tell them about your organization’s goals, and objectives and how your company can help them meet their own personal goals and objectives; you want to show them the great culture they can be part of if they join your company, one that not only welcomes and values diversity, but also offers employees a sense of belonging, well-being, and personal satisfaction.

Those candidates that have cultural values, interests, and objectives aligned with those of your organization will instantly be attracted. I believe in this because after all, we are all simply human beings.

Photo credit: asiseeit