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Talent Sustainability

What is Talent Sustainability?

Talent sustainability is an organization’s capacity to attract and sustain the talent needed to succeed in the present as well as in the future. It is the best solution to the talent shortage problem; however sustainability requires a different perspective and an innovative approach.

Maria Isabel Meihnolz

Maria Isabel Meinholz MSM

Employers are searching for employee engagement strategies that can help them retain their talent. Engaging employees is very important in providing job satisfaction, yet “retention” is not a realistic goal. We can’t really “retain” people because everyone is free to leave their jobs any time they want to!

We can, however, improve job satisfaction and employee commitment through a Holistic Approachan approach centered on the whole rather than separate aspects of the human being—that involves other equally important aspects of employee sustainment, such as mental and emotional empowerment.

This is not difficult; an in-depth psychological analysis is not required to know how to attract and sustain talent. All we need to know is that “Talent” is comprised of people and that people are human beings who want to be treated as what they really are. Because We Are Simply Human Beings™. This perspective is the foundation of the talent management strategies introduced here.

About This Blog

The Talent Sustainability blog was founded in 2010 by Maria Isabel Meinholz, MSM  following a holistic approach to Talent Management. The purpose of this alternative approach is to help change current conceptions of the criteria that we—as human beings—look to satisfy in the places we chose to work and to help employers meet those criteria. And this way, help organizations sustain the talent needed today and in the future, while improving the lives of many people around the world.

The mission of this blog is to provide knowledge, tools, and resources critical to attracting, engaging, empowering, and sustaining employees to help companies gain Talent Sustainability, while improving the lives of many people around the world.

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